Hardworking Harvey’s bedroom transformation

10-year-old Harvey had been having a tough time. Changing circumstances at home were having an impact on his performance at school and his mum, Malesha, was worried. 

However, the little legend Harvey has turned things around. He is making incredible progress at school and now has excellent attendance.

His school nominated him to receive a special gift, for which MurWalls and Liverpool FC teamed up to deliver the greatest surprise ever for a young Liverpool fan like Harvey.

Harvey and his 8-year-old brother Reuben’s mum has been determined to create a settled environment for the boys, which is a key factor in Harvey beginning to excel. To help support her efforts, the ultimate bedroom makeover was planned!

‘Harvey and Reuben are very close and do everything together – Harvey’s just recently taught Reuben how to play football so he’s really into that now,’ says their mum, Malesha. ‘They share the same room and won’t be without each other, so this surprise was fantastic for the both of them.’

Believing that their school had written to LFC to treat them to a day out for doing well with their school work, Harvey and Reuben enjoyed a tour of Anfield Stadium, a shopping trip and lunch followed by an overnight stay at a hotel.

With the boys out of the house, the makeover could begin. A dedicated DIY team from MurWalls and LFC volunteered their time especially, and they donned the overalls and began the transformation.

Three top street artists from MurWalls got to work on the boys’ bedroom wall. Their goal was to produce a one-of-a-kind mural featuring Harvey and Reuben’s beloved Liverpool FC, which was designed especially for them. 

The artists - Mr Meana, Danny Bench and Title - worked through the night to recreate Liverpool FC’s famous changing rooms on the boys’ wall, complete with hooks to hang their own LFC shirts. They completed the piece with portraits of first team players, Mohamed Salah and Rhian Brewster. The boys’ names were also tagged on the wall in graffiti-style writing.

Knowing how much the boys love LFC and particularly those two players meant the team could create the perfect space for them, as founder of MurWalls, Marc Silver, explains.

‘We understood that they are big fans of Mo Salah and also have a special place in their hearts for Rhian Brewster, so this was part of the focus of the project,’ says Marc.

‘Your bedroom is your cave and where you go to have some space and relax. These two boys share a room together and are big Liverpool fans, so we wanted to make them feel really special and give them their dream bedroom.’

The room also had a new LFC carpet fitted, along with brand new bunk beds, new bedroom furniture to give them a place to study, and a whole host of LFC merchandise and toys.

After what seemed like a normal day at school, the brothers were stunned at seeing their brand new LFC-themed room for the very first time. And another surprise was still waiting for them!

Harvey and Reuben believed they were meeting the artist who had been the mastermind behind the makeover. When the mystery person removed his painter’s mask, the brothers were faced by their football idol, Rhian Brewster.

It was an emotional day and one to remember, well-deserved for a family who needed a little lift.

‘The boys absolutely love their school work and reading, and are doing so well now,’ says Malesha. They are so loving and have so much respect for everybody – I love them to bits and am very proud of them. They’re my pride and joy.’