Liverpool Virgil van Dijk

There are three things that Beatrix really loves in life, space, Liverpool FC and a certain Dutch centre back Virgil Van Dijk. So, when we got the call from her parents to create the perfect mural for her room, we knew exactly what to do.

It required a little bit of it artistic licence, as we don't actually think Dijk has played football in space, but we are delighted with how this turned out. We decided on a collaboration of space meets Liverpool. Our awesome team of graffiti artists created a wonderful backdrop which covered 2 walls with featured planets and stars creating the perfect space canvas on which to begin. We then planted the LFC flag on the moon and popped our giant footballer in a space suit standing proudly next to it. My space suit would be complete without adding a golden Liverpool club crest, so we added that too. For the finishing touches her name was spray painted in hot pink under the moon.

To say she was thrilled is an understatement comma the whole family was delighted with the finished result and we were absolutely thrilled that we were chosen to help create this perfect bedroom for this young Liverpool fan.

If this work of art inspires you to have one created for your home give us a shout and we can go through the requirements with you. Remember we are the only licenced graffiti artists for Liverpool and West Ham United football clubs and will be bringing others on board over the coming months.