MurWalls Drawing of West Ham United's Pablo Fornals

It has to be said that we are currently in a very strange time, lockdown is something we have never experienced before an understandably people are a little bit lost and confused. Our artists are unable to go into people’s homes and paint the murals as normal at the moment, as this is not something, we can safely apply social distancing rules to. So, while we were all shutdown, we decided to film one of our amazing artists drawing a picture of young Hammers star Pablo Fornals from Spain. 

We simply love this video and can watch it time and time again, if you want to see the level of dedication and detail that goes into our murals have a look at the video you can see the picture taking shape from a simple pen sketch right up to the full stop the video is obviously speed up so you get a sense of just how long this has taken to complete even major scales forming taking this from what is essentially a flat piece of paper to a very 3D drawing that really brings the character to life. In the picture you can see Fornals as he raises a hand to his forehead perhaps in salute perhaps to shade his eyes from the sun.

It is a fascinating process to watch, on the finished piece shows the West Ham star standing in front of a large club badge wearing his team strip. Bring up the final overall element of it is finished with some bright splashes of paint and the overall look is brilliant. Of course, this could form the basis of the feature wall in your house comma and if you'd like to learn more about have a look at our website and some of the other videos of completed works.