The surprise of a lifetime for Matthew

When 9-year-old Matthew was told that he was having something done to his bedroom, he assumed it was maybe a shelf or two being put up. So he was amazed to walk in and find a mural of his favourite Liverpool player on his wall, designed and painted especially for him, courtesy of his beloved football team in partnership with MurWalls.

His mum, Beth, tells us about their MurWalls experience and Matthew’s surprise of a lifetime.

“Matthew has been a Liverpool supporter since he was tiny. His dad is a massive fan and his love for the team has been passed down to him.

He loves to play football too; he’s the goalkeeper for our local team, Alvechurch, which is in Worcestershire. 

Our family are part of the Liverpool FC Members’ Association. The club emailed to tell us we’d been chosen at random as winners of a competition for the incredible prize of having a Liverpool FC themed mural painted in our home. It was very exciting news! 

We decided to keep it a secret from Matthew, just saying that we were moving a few things around in his room. 

Matthew went to school as normal, suspecting nothing, and the artist got to work. When Matthew got home the work was still going on, but he thought the noises he could hear upstairs must just be some drilling. 

So when the time came to show him the room, he was truly amazed! He told us that he wasn’t able to speak because he was so surprised…and he talks a lot!

It wasn’t just Matthew who was amazed by the mural, we all were because it’s so wonderful. 

We chose a picture of Matthew’s favourite player, the goalkeeper Alisson Becker. It’s such a lifelike representation of Becker, it really captures him in full goalkeeper mode with a fierce look in face. If you’ve ever seen him in action, that how he looks when he’s concentrating. It’s amazing. 

Everyone who was here that day - from MurWalls and from the club - was so lovely and it was a really nice experience. Every single person was really excited, chatting a lot about football and sharing our passions for the game. They even did an amazing job at tidying up afterwards. It was just a total delight to have them in our home.”