West Ham United Declan Rice


If you are a fan of football, unlike us devastated that there are currently no live games taking place you are probably missing your favourite teams. We thought we'd share with you some of our recent work, that took place before the UK lockdown. 

As soon as we arrived at the house it was evident, we were in the presence of a West Ham United fan. The young man in question Jacob has already adorned his bedroom door With a Hammers and tribute to the E20 based stadium.

Jacobs bedroom has a really interesting shape, because it is an attic-based Bedroom with one sloping wall. We decided to decorate the wall opposite with a large moniker in team colours yellow, blue and claret. Jacob wanted this to be very much a graffiti style offering, and we added the club badge as well as the tagline taken from their song ‘I’m forever blowing bubbles’.

The mural then continued on the adjoining wall which was something more of a challenge due to the pitch of the sloping roof kicking in. As the camera pans around the room you will notice Jacob’s awesome cushions.

Smaller wall our amazing artist has perfectly captured Declan Rice raising his fist in victory, and a few bubbles to add to the effect. Jacob and his family are delighted with the final result. He now gets to spend his time in the presence of his hero.

Forget we are the only licensed graffiti artists with contracts for West Ham United and Liverpool Football Club, and we are looking to bring in more clubs over the coming year. If you like what you see and want to find out about having some artwork done for yourself don't hesitate to get in touch.