Can I leave the artist alone whilst I go to work?

You are welcome to leave if you wish. However, please make arrangements with the artist for access should they need to go in and out of the property whilst you are out. MurWalls is not responsible for the security of your property whilst working.


How long does it take for the artist to complete my artwork?

We estimate between 3 to 8 hours - each job varies in time depending on the chosen option and design. 


Is it safe to go into the room to see the piece once the artist has finished?

You can check out the artwork once it’s been completed, but we advise that a respiratory mask is worn and the visit is brief. Disposable masks can be purchased at a low price from hardware stores. We advise to wait 48 hours before spending more time in the room. Please see our terms & conditions for further information.


Will my artist be in contact with me before the artwork is due to be done?

Your artist may be in contact to give you their ETA on the day. Other than that your main point of contact will be a member of the MurWalls crew, who will be responsible for confirming all of the details in advance.


My wall is wider than the maximum size specified for the design that I want. Is it still possible to have it?

Yes! Let us know the dimensions of your wall and we can give you a quote based on its size.


I would like to order one of the pre-designed options (The Tag or The Changing Room), but is it possible to change the design from the examples provided?

Each artist has their own unique style and technique. Let us know your requests and we will try to incorporate them into the design.


Can I order more than one option at the same time?

Sure. Many clients have requested more than one option and/or different rooms in the same property to be painted. It might be possible to complete the works on the same day, however, depending on the designs, the works may need to be completed across more than one day. This will all be determined in advance of the artist arriving.


What if the piece I’ve ordered is not as I expected once it’s been completed?

The Tag and The Changing Room options are fixed designs, of which you can see on the website – so there will be no surprises! If choosing the Bespoke Piece, you’ll be asked to pre-approve the design before the artwork is painted. Please see our terms & conditions for further information.


Are there any hidden charges?

No. Our rates cover everything, from the artists’ time to the paint they’re using.


What if I want to cancel my booking?

A project can be cancelled, but this will be subject to a cancellation fee if less than 14 days’ notice is given. Please see our terms & conditions for further information.


We love what you do but would prefer art based around something other than football. Is this something MurWalls can also do?

Yes – we’re happy to hear alternative ideas and quote as a bespoke piece.


Does MurWalls also work within offices and on outside walls?

Yes, work has been completed on most surfaces, indoors and outdoors! Any mural anywhere is possible with us.


Which other football clubs will you have licenses for in the future? 

There are many other clubs in the pipeline - watch this space!


Can I take a photo of my artwork and put it on social media?

Of course! Don’t forget our tag #MurWalls @MurWalls

If you still have an unanswered question then please drop us a line here.